Recently, I have had demand for family lessons where the children learn with the parents. The children are not usually at college yet, so fairly young. This is interesting that now, after the lockdowns, families are looking to get together again. Maybe the importance of family life and being together is being felt more.

There is definitely a sense of togetherness. The children are very happy to do something with the parents and the parents feel good about spending quality time with the children.

We learn a bit of conversation, going to the shops, buying croissants at the bakery and cakes … We learn how to create sentences that make sense, we work on pronunciation and play games.

They become aware of grammar and that in itself is an important point as when they get to college, they will have to learn French and maybe another language. At this point, having already an understanding of grammar will be very beneficial.

I love seeing how the children interact with me, each other and the language. They are excited to learn something new and at the prospect of going to France and being able to order a drink themselves.

Some parents want to move to France, others are just planning holidays. Every family has a different purpose but whatever the purpose, I am always able to help.

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