My name is Christine and I come from Normandie, from a small town near Le Havre

I have a Master’s Degree in International business.

When I first started as a teacher, I was teaching in language schools around the City of London. After having worked for a while in prestigious companies like The Bank of England, Merryl Lynch and Eurotunnel, I moved south and started my own company.

I now work with adults who are keen to develop their conversation skills; housewives, businessmen and women, people who want to expand their mind and learn. I also teach children for their exams, GCSE, Alevel, Common entrance…

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“Christine is an excellent tutor.  Her lessons are varied and she is very thorough.  She takes care with her lesson plans to ensure she concentrates on what you want to focus on.  She ensures the classes are pitched at the right level for you, delivering lessons which are both rewarding and enjoyable.  I would highly recommend her to beginners, improvers or advanced students wanting to learn French.”