The French typically like to speak French and would love you to speak it too! Even if we speak English some may not be too happy to use it because rightly, we are very proud of our language. I mean who doesn’t love foreigners trying to speak their language? Muddling through or not it is always the effort that counts!

For this reason, having a basic grasp of French is vital, and learning a language is fun. So here are a few quick tips to get you on your way on your next French adventure.

Compliment your hosts

Everyone loves a good compliment, but no one quite like the French. Get ahead with some well learned praises.

You look lovely – Vous êtes ravissante.

This wine is excellent – Ce vin est excellent

This food is delicious – Cette nourriture est délicieuse

I love your country – J’aime ton pays

France is beautiful – La France est belle

 Use your basics

Even if you get no further than a greeting, at least you have gotten off to the right start.

Hello – Bonjour

How are you – Comment allez-vous

Please – S’ll vous plaît

Thank you –  Merci

Good bye – Au revoir


France is well known for its culture, covering its delicious food, excellent wine and up-market fashion – so don’t miss out!

Can you recommend a good restaurant? – Pouvez-vous recommender un bon restaurant?

Where is the best place to shop? –Quel est le meilleur endroit pour faire les magasins?

I would like to buy some wine. –Je voudrais acheter du vin.

How much does this cost? – Combien cela coûte?

I would like to buy this cheese. – Je voudrais acheter ce fromage.


Of course this is just a beginning, and there is a whole language to learn! To get in touch with me to book a lesson, or for more information on how my private French lessons work, call me on 07957 418 008 and you never know you may be chatting in French before your next holiday!