I have been teaching French to school-aged children for years.  Children are very pleasant to teach. They are friendly and pick up words quickly.  A child who wants to learn is a delight to be around. 

In March 2020 when the COVID crisis began, children were not able to go to school and stayed at home.  A lot of fear came with it.  The fear of exams and general anxiety rose and for some children, it really became a problem.

One lady came to me as her daughter was suffering from anxiety and physical problems as well. She was not able to learn as she had and that was causing a problem. 

Emma needed encouragement.  A professional, patient and caring approach is always a recipe for success. In working online together, I helped Emma to overcome her fear of exams and she was able to pass her French exams with ease. 

I teach students at all levels, A-level is interesting as the students need to learn to discipline themselves into studying under their own steam.  A regular schedule and homework help them to keep the motivation going.

Children from year 7 learn with me.  Even one hour a week is enough to lead them smoothly to their GCSE’s and they then become a lot more comfortable with the French language. 

But no matter the lessons you take, the student needs to remain engaged and work at home. Doing homework or for the keenest, practising by watching French movies or YouTube material and generally listening to French.  This allows them to be comfortable with GCSE, A’Level and higher French education. 

If you would like to chat about how I can support your child with their French education please get in touch

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