I always wanted to reach wider audiences with my teaching.  You see, I teach adults and children how to speak French.  

Teaching face to face had been my business for 30 years.  But, technology and I were not the best of friends.  It was just that so far I hadn’t needed it and I was happy with the old ways.  So when in March 2020 the COVID crisis came with its lockdowns…  OMG, what was happening? Teaching stopped from one day to the next!  What could I do?  Within a couple of days, I knew how to use Zoom and technology was my best friend.  Funny how life can change so quickly and your level of necessity can rise so much, something that seemed impossible becomes a reality! 

Teaching French online has proved to be a worthwhile experience.  It has saved a lot of time on travel for both my students and myself.  It has meant no travel expenses.  But more than that, because of the technology I found writing notes for my students resulted in more control over what they were learning.  After each lesson, I send the notes so we both have an accurate record of the French lessons. 

I can share documents, maps … and I can send documents before the lesson that we can both consult during the lesson.  The student has then the choice of printing the documents or not.  For environmentally-conscious people, it is very important to have a choice. I certainly consumed much less paper over the last couple of years!

Now, wherever you live in the world, I am happy to teach you.  My business has evolved and flourished in the last year thanks to technology and the care I put in my teaching.  There is nothing like a professional, caring and patient approach to help get the best out of people.  I truly believe that anyone can learn French.  All that is needed is a good teacher, and from the student, a goal and a willingness to learn together with persistence and hard work.

If you are interested in learning French then please get in touch

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