In part one of this blog we took a look at Francophone Africa and French speaking Canada, but there are many more beautiful French speaking countries to visit!

French in Europe

I won’t talk about France as we have plenty of blogs about that, but it is not just France that speaks French, in fact the following European countries also have French as an official language: Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland.

From my experience every European country you visit is unique and diverse in its culture, so it is lovely to be able to learn French and then be able to use it in other travels around Europe.

Belgium is a small country but it is filled with enjoyable sights to visit. The most popular of all being the beautifully preserved medieval city of Bruges. A country full of history, the famous sites of Waterloo and Ypres being just a couple of the more well-known ones.

Luxembourg may not be as famous for tourism, perhaps due to its size – it only covers the small area of 1650 km, but it is still packed with beauty. The perks of the small size of the country is one holiday can really give you a full feel for the place. A few days exploring the city and a few days driving around the countryside would be a wonderful adventure.

If you didn’t think a country could get much smaller than Luxembourg you are wrong, the world-famous Monaco is only two square kilometres in size! Right on the French Riviera it is a hot spot for gorgeous natural beauty, glittering celebrities and old-world charm.

Switzerland, home of skiing, the alps and quaint mountain villages has a few widely spoken languages, German, French, Italian and Romanish. It is home of astounding and blow-you-away scenery, the Matterhorn, Lakes Geneva and Lugano as well as plenty of bustling and lively towns and cities, such as Berne and Lucerne.

French Speaking Islands

Around the world there are many French speaking islands, little places of relaxation from our bustling and hectic day to day life. From the Caribbean to the Pacific these are the beautiful French speaking islands: GuadeloupeHaitiMartiniqueFrench PolynesiaNew Caledonia and Vanuatu.

Just click on the above links to learn about these French paradises. Known for their clear blue seas, pristine sandy beaches, friendly natives and relaxing atmosphere, you cannot go wrong visiting any of these wonderful islands.

I also just wanted to mention French Guiana as it didn’t fit in anywhere in these blogs. It is a wonderful French speaking country in South America! Full of colonial architecture set against the backdrop of a thriving jungle, you don’t see many places like it.

So why don’t you spruce up on your French and go and out and explore the world!