• Learn your English Grammar

This may sound odd, but if you are like most English people having learned the language as a child, English is intuitive and you don’t necessarily know the rules or grammar terms.

To speak any other language, French included, requires learning the vocabulary and grammar step by step from scratch, that will involve grammar terms and rules. If you understand grammar basics in your own language you will find it that much easier to learn French grammar, and you won’t be stuck trying to understand a grammar form or term when you want to be learning French.

  • Get a Good French Dictionary

This may seem obvious, but I am not just talking about using Google translate on your phone! A really good French dictionary is excellent not only for the vocabulary and translation, but will also contain a thorough French grammar section too.

This means in one handy place you can get not only the words that you need but direction on how to put the sentence together as well.

  • Take it Slow

There are so many grammar forms that it can be overwhelming; simple present, present continuous, simple past, past perfect, future perfect and many, many more!

You will be surprised at how much you can say by just using the present. Making sure you feel really confident in the present tense, before taking on the past or future will mean you remain happy and stable and not overwhelmed.

  • Add the Negative

By just speaking in the present you may feel you are limited in what you can say. By adding the negative you literally double the concepts you can communicate.

So start with:  I live in England: J’habite en Angleterre.

And then add: I do not live in England: Je ne vis pas en Angleterre.

You will see that your possibilities expand a lot; it is a simple thing to learn and well worth it!


I hope these tips help you to get started on the dreaded French Grammar without you stopping short or giving up before you’ve even had a chance. French grammar may be complicated but you can learn it, step by step with enjoyment and understanding!