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About your French tutor, based in East Grinstead, Sussex.

I am French and come from Harfleur - a small town next to Le Havre, in Normandie.

I studied at Le Havre University and graduated in 1986. My Master's Degree is in International Business.


In 1986 I came to England to live and started working as a French tutor in London in 1990. At first I worked for language schools mostly in the City of London. I mainly taught executives who required knowledge of the French language for their work, or to large companies who offered their employees French tuition for their leisure.

“Christine has a wonderful rapport with people. It is evident to me that she enjoys her profession and has a sincere interest in creative, fun lessons that prove educationally effective.”

                           - J.D - Housewife

I taught French in:

If I do not answer please leave me a

message as I may be in tuition.

•  Eurotunnel

•  Merryl Lynch

•  The Bank of England

•  Del Monte


A few years ago I decided to teach as a freelance private tutor. Many of my clients are businessmen, adults who are planning to move to France or housewives who like the language. I also teach students who are taking exams (GCSE, A-level or common entrance).

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